13 Scientific Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog


There is an active debate in the animal community about whether or not sleeping with your dog is the best course of action. Some studies show that sleeping with your dog can lead to poor sleep.

However, there are numerous other studies tout the benefits of having your dog sleep in bed with you. For example, sleeping with your pup has many mental benefits, such as an increased sense of security and comfort. People with PTSD found that sleeping with their pet helped alleviate nightmares.

There are physical benefits too, like the fact that sleeping with your dog releases oxytocin in the brain. This is the chemical that is released when a person falls in love or when they are around their baby. The chemical promotes theta brain waves, which are associated with REM sleep. This means that sleeping with your pet will likely make you sleep more deeply. The chemical also relieves anxiety and stress, which helps you sleep better.

Stroking and touching your dog can even help lower your blood pressure. This happens not only during waking hours, but also when you sleep with your dog.

The following graphic from Casper shows even more benefits of sleeping with your dog. Of course, remember that sleeping together is not for everyone. Those who are injured or who sleep very easily might consider letting them sleep in their own bed nearby. Read the information below and make your own decisions about what is right for you!


13 Researching Reasons To Sleep With Your Dog

1. Sleeping with dogs reduces depression
Contact with dogs increases the flow of oxytocin, the love chemical.

2. Promotes Theta Brainwaves
The release of oxytocin from theta brain waves that occur during REM sleep.

3. Sleeping with dogs increases the feeling of security
Having a pet in bed improved sleep quality for women in one study.

4. Sleeping with pets relieves insomnia
Sleeping with a dog will relieve anxiety and reduce hyperarousalism.

5. Maximizes comfort
Support animals reduced nightmares in PTSD patients.

6. Reduces loneliness
41% of pet owners say that sleeping with their pet is camaraderie.

7. Sleeping with dogs improves the quality of sleep
Sleeping with your dog will lead to greater sleep efficiency.

8. Sleeping with a dog reduces stress
74% of pet owners report an improvement in their mental health through contact with animals.

9. Lowers blood pressure
The human-dog interaction resulted in lower pressure values ​​during the test.

10. Strengthen the bond with your dog while napping
Sleeping together helps with socialization and makes training easier.

11. Promotes a healthy heart
The American Heart Association found an association between pet interaction and decreased hypertension.

12. Reduces allergies later in life
One study found that infants who slept with their pets were less likely to develop allergies.

13. Improve Your Overall Health By Sleeping With Dogs
Close contact with pets offers a number of benefits such as lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

When sleeping with your puppy doesn’t make sense

• If they are not trained in-house
• If you have severe allergies
• If you are a light sleeper
• When you have a new dog
• If you or your dog have any health problems

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