15 dogs that must think they are chameleons


Subtlety isn’t really a doggie thing. They tend to get noticed everywhere, and that’s how they like it. However, some dogs break this mold from time to time. These sneaky pups will find the perfect places to lie undetected.

The following pictures create a real “Where’s Waldo” of clever chameleons, the puppies pose and fit perfectly into their surroundings. See if you can find all of those tricky dog ​​chameleons “hiding” in sight.

1. “Urban Camouflage”

@ MrSpecks / Reddit

A very light shade of pink puppy skin reveals this otherwise clever hiding place.

2. A super clean mop

@ G-Star / YouTube

The most noticeable feature of the Hungarian Puli is its pug-like appearance, which apparently makes it great at hiding in public. Do not try to submerge this mop in dirty water!

3. Something strange about the bath mat

@ damien_shallwenot / Reddit

Hopefully no one will step on him when he gets out of the shower, but could you blame them for missing out on this little trickster?

4. Zebra print dog?

@ kaitkuehler / Instagram

Without those brown spots and adorable ears, you could totally miss this dog.

5. E.T. The extra terrier

@ anushkasaran / Instagram

Well, technically this isn’t a terrier. But you have to admit that this is a pretty good title for this piece of art.

6. A dog hiding in a dog

Dogs Magic Exists GIF by Digg - Find & Share on GIPHY

Nothing helps you blend in better than another dog’s matching coat.

7. Fancy new carpet design

@ supermodelmongrel / Instagram

Well, someone is sure to approve of mom’s new purchase. Indeed, sorry, but this carpet is his now.

8. Everything beige everything

@ capnfancypants / Imgur

If only their parents jumped for the beige collar label too. This place would be the perfect place for chameleons.

9. The wood chips have eyes

@ Nitroandporter_brewpups / Instagram

The face you make when you accidentally match your backyard … again.

10. Spots discovered

@ khaleesi.django.dalmatian / Instagram

This dog and her blanket look like they were made for each other. Where does one end and where does the other begin?

11. Among the blackberries

@ nervous.nelliee / Instagram

You can barely spot this smart little dog who has found the perfect way to blend in.

12. The forest dweller

@ miss_lotty_loo / Instagram

Wow, what a beautiful picture of foliage with absolutely no dogs hiding in!

13. You can’t see me if I don’t move

@ my_kids_dogs_life / Instagram

A big black chair for a big black dog. There is nothing to see here.

14. White as snow

@ susanne906 / Pixabay

This camouflage works much better when the terrier is not moving.

15. A perfect couple


Does this dog and rug come as part of a theme set? It sure looks like that.

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Featured image: @ capnfancypants / Imgur

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