15 Photos That Prove This Bulldog Is The Best On The Internet


Do you remember when Kim Kardashian broke the internet? Well, wait until you see that piece of love.

Axel the Bulldog is the internet sensation you’ve probably never heard of, but you’ll be glad you did! He and his father go on many adventures in the city. When they’re not taking a spin or eating ice cream, Axel’s father likes to dress him up in a couple of outfits that literally make you laugh!

He hasn’t quite reached his third birthday yet, but Axel is already full of personality to last for several lives. Axel lives on a farm and spends a lot of time outside. He developed cherry eyes and his vet recommended that he wear sunglasses to relieve his symptoms. It turned out that Axel loved her!

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A true master of disguise

Although he was supposed to be a mother’s boy, Axel and his father attended obedience school together, which made them inseparable. His dad started dressing him up after discovering Axel’s love for super cool sunglasses and the rest is history!

“Axel has never shaken his leg while wearing shoes. Most of the outfits are gifts from people I don’t know and from different companies. Axel will wear EVERYTHING, but I love John Deere clothes, ”said Axel’s father Larry.

Finally, Axel jumped into the chair and sat up on his own, which led to his characteristic pose. Despite disguising himself as a member of a mariachi band, farmer, cowboy and lifeguard, Axel’s father believes that this preppy little Don would like to work in a nursing home so that he can be suffocated in hugs and love.

Introducing: The Next People Magazine Man Of The Year: Axel Gibbs

Contemplate the majesty of America’s next top bulldog.

1. Hot boys summer.

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2. “As soon as I enter the scene, I hear poochies screaming”

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3. Paint me like one of your French Bulldogs.

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4. Elementary school, my dear Watson!

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5. You have some ice in your beard.

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6. Do these swim trunks make my butt look big?

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7. Welcome to the jungle, baby.

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8. Drop me and give me 20 … ounces of steak.

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9. Float like a butterball, sting like a bee … or whatever Muhammad Ali said.

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10. On the way to the cattle auction. BRB.

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11. Uh, sorry. I ordered the porterhouse, darling.

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12. Dad, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times. I do NOT go to the vet!

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13. What kind of guarantee did you give of this?

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14. Get a little dog.

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15. When you think you are a middle-aged Indiana man and then you realize that you are actually a dog …

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Obviously, Axel is the national treasure we’ve all been waiting for.

h / t: @ LarryGibbs / Facebook

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