16 current dog posts that make social media worthwhile


With all the negativity and performativity on social media, posts about dogs remain the best reason to have an account. That’s why I almost exclusively follow animal shelters and animal influencers on Instagram. That makes all the noise worth it.

Just to add some joy to your day, here are 16 of this month’s amazing posts from Twitter, Tik Tok, and Reddit with excellent dolls.

1. A little puppy enjoying a delicious puppacino

@ johanaliciouss / Twitter

Seems like he’s enjoying it.

2. Meryl Streep looks unrecognizable in her new role

@ dgellis0907 / Twitter

How does she do it?

3. Quick friends

@ Fidel89 / Reddit

This is Bernie, the Husky / German Shepherd mix and his human sister. The OP on Reddit was shared along with this adorable photo:

“We adopted our first family puppy today. I found my 2 year old and my puppy like today 1 – I think we found a winner. “

4. Worst typo ever

@ jdahall / Twitter

Imagine only seeing the first message from the groomer!

5. Two eyes

@ helen / Twitter

Fate brought these two one-eyed dogs together for the perfect photo opportunity, I mean friendship.

6. Another kind of Cinderella story

Tweeter @zachsilberberg followed his story from meeting Mochi, the dog of the Cinderella story on the train, with this one:

“[A]Also worth mentioning: I asked for a photo and then she immediately started to pose the dog (whose name is Mochi) and let her do little dance moves. “

7. The most relatable Photoshop

@ 97Vercetti / Twitter

I never understood the people who value the condition of their couch more than their dog. Not even this creative tweeter.

8. When mom’s zoom calls get in the way of dinner


“Yes, I have to get out, my dog ​​is doing this again” #summer internship #thisopportunity #reba #dogsoftiktok #dog

♬ I’m a survivor – Reba McEntire

This is our new reality puppy, sorry!

9. An older girl enjoying a soothing bath


#handicapdogs #Chewie

♬ Satie: Gymnopedics – Eric Satie

Swimming can relieve pressure on old bones and joints. This older dog seems to be enjoying it!

10. See how many Frisbees this dog can fit in its mouth

@ rjb22_

shows Winston’s talent #fyp シ #viral #viralvideo #dogsoftiktok #dogs #pup #viraldog #funnymoments #record #xyzbca #xyzcba #xyzabc #puppy

♬ Monkeys Turning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

If there was some kind of competition for this skill, Winston would totally win.

11. If your father is a vet

@ michaelaa.w

#greenscreen the highlight of my day #dailyupdates #tierarzt #vater

♬ original sound – vrywvy

Look forward to great texts like this one!

12. This 18 year old Jack Russell Terrier

@ lili.vali

#olddog #seniordog #dogsoftiktok #jackrussellterrier #jackrussell #dog #doggo #doglove #dogmom #seniordogtiktok #doglife

i am so proud of you – nira

This senior citizen has been in his life since she was 7 years old.

13. Meyer wants to hold your hand

@ dog_rates / Twitter

Safety first can mean more than just a seat belt. Meyer also prefers to hold hands in the car.

14. Big smile

@ SMILEY2176 / Reddit

Cheesin ‘for the fans on Reddit.

15. Sand is disappointing

@ dog_rates / Twitter

This little pup learned the hard way that sand wasn’t tasty.

16. A supportive sibling

@ goldenretriever2021

He’s your brother, why are you treating him like your son? #Dog #pet #foryoupage

♬ Comedy music – various artists

Bath time just got a lot easier for this pup thanks to a supportive Golden Retriever buddy.

For more happy dog ​​posts, check out these fun dog snapchats or this list of funny tweets about dogs.

H / T: Buzzfeed
Selected image: @ dgellis0907 / Twitter

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