21 begging dogs that you just can’t say no to


It’s no secret that dogs love food. No matter what you eat, they want it even if they don’t know what it is. Any good dog parent knows that most table scraps are not healthy for dogs. But when you look down and see doggie eyes, how can you possibly resist?

The following 21 dogs just want a taste of what their humans are eating. Of course, they’re all too cute to resist. If faced with these begging faces, you would give in. Don’t even try to deny it!

# 1 – His dog is helping him cook so the good puppy better get a taste of this chicken.

Image: @ TmarTn / Twitter

# 2 – When you have a hungry dog ​​around you, there is no personal space.

Dog invades personal space
Image: Imgur

# 3 – “I wish for Spagoote,” says this hungry puppy as his stomach growls.

He wants Spagoote
Image: Imgur

# 4 – This dog has the saddest looks of longing. The food is so close and yet so far.

Dog longs for food
Image: @ youandmeandrainbows / Imgur

# 5 – This German Shepherd will do anything for a tasty snack. And he doesn’t regret it either!

German shepherd dog no shame
Image: @ VaderforPresident2020 / Imgur

# 6 – Here’s a blind dog begging for food. If this doesn’t melt your heart, what will it do?

Blind dog asks for food
Image: Imgur

# 7 – This is the expression of disappointment you get when you don’t share food with your dog.

Hungry and disappointed dog
Image: Imgur

# 8 – baseball game? Boring. French fries? Now let’s talk!

Hungry baseball dog
Image: @ DingleburryDave / Imgur

# 9 – All you have to do is open a bag of food and suddenly a pack of Samoyed pops up.

Pack of Samoyed
Image: Imgur

# 10 – This poor little pug just wants some pizza. If you don’t give him a bite, he might steal it while you turn around!

Pug stares at pizza
Image: Imgur

# 11 – He was begging for so long it fell asleep while doing it.

Sleepy begging dog
Image: Imgur

# 12 – This is the face she makes when her human wants to give her food.

Pitbull puppy hungry
Image: @ girlbitesback / Twitter

# 13 – The closer and cuter he gets, the more table scraps he might get.

Begging Corgi
Image: @ loki_the_corgi / Instagram

# 14 – He needs that hot dog! How can you say no to that cute face?

Hot dog face
Image: Imgur

# 15 – Please let him in! The tension drives him crazy!

Dog longs for food
Image: Imgur

# 16 – Dogs make the funniest faces when they hear the words “Meal time!” Listen.

Three dogs beg
Image: @ fabfive_dogtribe / Instagram

# 17 – If his face is on the plate, then why can’t he eat the food on the plate?

Tuna melts my heart plate
Image: @ tunameltsmyheart / Instagram

# 18 – All he wanted was some bacon, but now he’s locked up outside. How unfair!

Dog is waiting for bacon
Image: @ Bexpat / Imgur

# 19 – The bun probably disappeared seconds later.

Dog steals buns
Image: Imgur

# 20 – He’s only going to help himself. At least it’s healthy!

Dog stealing broccoli
Image: @ bbrand123 / Instagram

# 21 – This is how he lets his people know it’s time to eat.

Dog is waiting for dinner
Image: @ charlottewellings / Instagram

Hopefully these begging dogs helped bring a smile to your face. And maybe they even got you to share a snack with your own furry friend! A bite of human food won’t ruin your dog’s life, but remember to go easy on the table waste. When in doubt, research what human foods are safe for dogs. Your dog may be disappointed at first, but he’ll thank you in the future.

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Featured image: @ fabfive_dogtribe / Instagram

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