21 Dramatic dogs caught practicing their theatrical performance


Who is a Dramatic Dog?

Every dog, that’s who!

And what can theater do in our dogs? Just about everything!

Puppies sulk for food, while bathing, or thinking they’re cute and we’re not paying attention! Really, dogs will put on a show over pretty much anything. And we love every second of their dog gadgets. Dogs are just too cute when practicing their melodrama!

Check out these 21 dogs that are dramatic …

Dramatic dogs are favorite dogs

A dog mom says: “My dog ​​is so dramatic that I swear “… but who can’t resist this cutie is his little striped sweater!

@ _anahiceleste /Twitter

“I just told Morty to be quiet while I was teaching. He’s acting like I’m the worst person on earth now.”

@ paula_werdu /Instagram

“Could she be a more dramatic sleeper?”

Malynda Hale /Facebook

“Leave the dog park. It’s dramatic. “

steppphanie /Imgur

“Nobody is more dramatic than my husky … when he has to pee” …

u / LemonTheTurtle /Reddit

Here is a dramatic dog “who paints me like your French girls’ fashion” …

@ JLFHx /Twitter

Barry the Beagle says of the rain incident: “Apparently I’m “dramatic” and it was just a “little bit of rain” …

@ itsbarrythebeagle /Instagram

“My dog ​​is a total drama queen …”

TjsAwesomeName /Imgur

Bath time usually means drama. This dog parent agrees and shares: “My child hates taking a bath. Those eyes “…

@ Culpepper19 /Instagram

Lady Bellatrix doesn’t think it’s terrible to stay in bed all day! Who are we to disagree with this Cavi Cutie …

@ ladybellatrix.lecav /Instagram

“Drama Queen can’t have the whole bowl of fries,” but judging by her face, she thinks she should …

Manomet Valley Bulldogs /Facebook

This is how a drama queen deals with her new training program …

KaijuMittons /Imgur

That adorable pouting drama queen Roux Jolivet joins her new family! Your mother says: “Please expect more dog photos. ”

@ Shelbylauryne /Twitter

“If you chew something that isn’t yours and mom takes it away,” you have to get dramatic!

The Merry Groomer Pet Salon /Facebook

A Pomeranian reflects with melancholy: “* Insert dramatic music here * ”

@ roloing.around /Instagram

Miss B shows the world: “Drama is my middle name !! ”

@ miss_bunnu.b_ /Instagram

“She is so dramatic… Everywhere on an empty fruit snack bag on the bedside table “…

@ BulldogsPuppies /Twitter

Still not convinced dogs are dramatic? Then we look at dogs very similar to the dramatic chipmunk, the ultimate darling of drama!

A dog parent sees similarity as not a problem. “My dog ​​looks like the dramatic chipmunk “…

LordBeerMeStrength /Imgur

Here’s another pup that has the chipmunk vibe …

CptnAlex /Imgur

And pups can be the most dramatic of them all, especially when it comes to bath time!

@ jenn_091 /Instagram

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Feature Image: @ _anahiceleste /Twitter & @ ladybellatrix.lecav /Instagram

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