25 MORE Laugh-Out-Loud Funny dog ​​pictures


It’s not just the funny dog ​​pictures that make you laugh. The people who captured her also deserve some props for their pithy, humorous observations. Here are 25 more pictures of dogs paired with incredible captions describing them

76. “Looks like dogs are idiots to their siblings too. “

@ gracynvh / Reddit

Hey, don’t make your brother an armrest back there!

77. “My sister took her graduation photos with our dog, and I’ve never seen a dog that was so proud of itself when it graduated. “

@ gabsazarcon / Twitter

I am proud of her too!

78. “Finally my dog’s happiness captured when he tries to rub his stomach”

@ AwHereItGoesWasTaken / Reddit

That’s one hell of a expectant smile!

79. “So my buddy’s dog had a birthday party”

@ Granitetide / Twitter

Before and after.

80. “Our dog took some time off after being punished for begging at the table. “

@ pb609 / Reddit

He understands his mistake and he’s sorry!

81. “So my dog ​​has a closet for all of his ties and bow ties. “

@ Jairafarala / Twitter

Dream closet for a dream man.

82. “I got a mask that fits my dog ​​and the look on the face was worth buying. “

@ maddierose1418 / Reddit

This is sure to be one for the family album.

83. “One of my teammates has a dog in her chem lab … he has to wear safety glasses in the lab too. “

@ tarahoward75 / Twitter

Safety first, little buddy!


@ Ni_av_h / Twitter

I look and honestly I can’t look away.

85. “After 11 months on this earth, my boy Moose put two toys in his mouth at the same time! He was so proud of himself! “

@ Cccb3088 / Reddit

Congratulations on this important moose milestone!

86. “This girl we cared for today would hold on to anything you gave her. “

@ Feir-Bear / Reddit

Strong jaws have other benefits too.

87. “My puppy sleeps like an angel”

@ Jezz_X / Reddit

I believe that is how an angel sleeps.

88. “This was the highlight of my week”

@ Gabwiiela / Twitter

You see me rolling …

89. “Hooman … are you coming back?”

@ Patchdaddy / Reddit

Anyone recognize this expression?

90. “This is how my dog ​​greets me at the door today”

@ Dirtyfacekid / Reddit

Yes hello, everything is normal here.

91. “It took me 3 years, 6 months and 18 days, but this afternoon I finally taught my dog ​​how to smile on command. I am so proud.”

@ _thecatspajamas_ / reddit

Say cheese!

92. “I think the flash was too bright for our pups …”

@ IsItAlwaysOr94 / Reddit

If you are always the one who flashes in photos.

93. “My dog ​​looks so proud of me on my first day of college lol “

@ imthupid / Twitter

Big Sis is everything the puppy wants to be one day!

94. “Folks, my mom just put my dog ​​in for his afternoon nap and I’m dying. “

@ Vaishnavioffl / Twitter

She put pillows on his side to keep him from rolling off the edge.

95. “My dog ​​enjoyed its reindeer antlers more than I ever expected. “

@ hawk4951 / Reddit

Me on November 1st …

96. “My dog ​​tried to eat a bee”

@ Chris91210 / Reddit

If you don’t make the mistake, you will never learn the lesson.

97. “My father told me that he dropped his cough drop while he was taking out my dog ​​and had nowhere to find it. “

@ MotorboatingSofaB / Reddit

It’s basically a needle in a haystack.


@ mccolgandb / Reddit

Now it’s in your head too!

99. “Doggo has goods when you have a coin”

@ Ajubbajub / Reddit

Please help this puppy!

100. “H.We tried to catch the ball but it hit his face. “

@ jincosets / Twitter

It’s okay, practice makes perfect!

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Here are the moments when we’re glad we recorded them and the subtitles that keep us laughing.

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