25 more perfectly labeled funny photos of adorable dogs


When we have cameras in hand constantly, taking photos of our dogs becomes a reflex. Fortunately, this increases the likelihood that the perfect, fun photo will be captured. Not only did these dog parents take adorable photos of their dogs, they took the situation to a new level with the perfect captions.

26. “There are two dogs in this picture”

@ boondocksaint238 / Reddit

It’s okay if you really blinked. I really blinked too.

27. “My best friend’s dog got into a chalk bucket and looked like David Bowie. “

@ UnBoxingJon / Reddit

Ground control to major cute!

28. “Has science gone too far?”

@ CantCatchHerpesTwice / Imgur

Good photography is about capturing the right angles.

29. “This is Ralph, he’s a dog who lives near school and every day after school he waits for me to say hello to him before I have to go … “

@ xExisa / Twitter

Thank you for your patience Ralph!

30. “I couldn’t choose between a star or an angel, so I went with both.”

@ JayHillary / Twitter

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, you’re the best boy for me.

31. “Giant boy thinks he’s still a puppy and wants to sit on his human’s knee. “

@ OctopussSevenTwo / Imgur

Hey, if you’re comfortable, so am I.


@ Two_Inches_Of_Fun / Reddit

This picture is much better than the cute fall motif that seemed intended.

33. “There are two stray thirsty dogs and mine chooses a ** hole.”

@ Niennabroo / Twitter

Not a puppy, this is not a swimming pool!

34. “Office dog is not allowed on the couch, so this is their daily act of rebellion. “

@ ebbp / Reddit

You can’t tell me what to do! … Kind of.

35. “When your blind dog asks for food”

about Imgur

The poor baby doesn’t realize that the tempting pizza bagels he smells are behind him.

36. “This picture alone is worth the $ 9 I paid for this costume”

@ Deemandaniels / Reddit

I would like to hand my booty over to this pirate.

37. “My colleague’s dog when he realized it was * his * cake. “

@ ARealRocknRolla / Reddit

All the hug really does is stop him from eating himself.

38. “Idiotic dog broke into the food container, ate it all and fell asleep. “

@ sunstoned1 / Reddit

At this point, getting caught in the act wasn’t even a problem anymore.

39. “A pair of star-crossed lovers”

@ OctopussSevenTwo / Imgur

It is tragic that the long-standing feud between their families should keep these two apart.

40. “How the sun shines on my dog ​​through the window …”

@Theyallknowme / Reddit

When your dog was clearly sent from on high.

41. “Our baby just had 8 beautiful puppies !! She is very proud of herself !! “

@ filmgeek101 / Reddit

I mean … the glow after birth is unparalleled.

42. “This is my dog ​​who realizes he is facetiming me and my family because he was on vacation and looks at how happy he got. “

@ deeeameddie / Twitter

It’s okay, they’re happy tears.

43. “I’ve got a dog in my cup”

@ hxnlxne / Twitter

Yes, she sure does.

44. “My friend sent me this picture and said nothing”

@ TwistedShaco / Reddit

I think the photo speaks for itself?

45. “Our dogs also like to pose by the lake”

@ innercityyouf / Reddit

This is going to get so many likes on Instagram.

46. ​​”We left our dog Bruno with our sister-in-law while we were going on vacation. I think someone has a better time than us! “

@ dentista82 / Reddit

“You get that if you leave me at my aunt’s house!”

47. “There’s an 80-pound dog on my lap because he’s scared of hitting a cat”

@ articulateantagonist / Reddit

In defense of the pup, this cat doesn’t look too pleased to share its mother’s affection.

48. “My dog ​​looks like it was drawn by a medieval monk who had never seen a dog before. “

@ hels / Twitter

There is something strange about these proportions …

49. “I heated up my little hot water bottle for Charlie because he’s shivering all night and is so happy that I want to cry. “

@ shananig0ns / Twitter

Have you ever fallen in love with a hot bottle of water?

50. “I swear I think I just captured my dog ​​to find out I was pregnant. He is angry. “

@ jessismiles_ / Twitter

The poor pup needs to share some of the attention.

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