25 PERFECTLY labeled funny photos of adorable dogs


The internet has so much to offer when it comes to funny puppy pictures. I’m never tired of them clogging my feeds, and I’m sure you don’t either. Since I want to bet we can all use a good laugh now, here are some of the funniest dog photos and accompanying captions from the world wide web.

1. Snoot has permanent boop

@ dickfromaccounting / Reddit

It looks like a hint blue!

2. “Ms. sent this after picking up our dog after the operation today. Says he’s “still under the influence”. “

@ schmerbert / Reddit

This is your dog’s brain for drugs …

3. “At the time of washing, he looks like a polar bear. “

@ attheisstt / reddit

Is that a home or a zoo?

4. “My friend’s dog ate a pot of brownie yesterday. “

@ JustHavinAGoodTime / Reddit

(In general, you should probably make sure your dog doesn’t do this.)

5. Bruno’s first snowball

@ rcinferno / Imgur

Yes, everything is there in Bruno’s eyes. It was a great day for him.

6. See ears

@ Edilma / Imgur

It is not clear whether or not they planned this.

7. “We had a sudden rainstorm”

@ Wrong_name / Reddit

Please, it’s just a little sprinkle. Nothing to stand up over.

8. “I still haven’t figured out what broke you.”


Someone or two definitely did something suspicious …

9. “Have you ever seen a more guilty pug? “

@ kaijohnson_19 / Twitter

After finding a broken glass in her house, this dog’s person was certain who the culprit was.

10. “I have to study you”

@ yomamascub / Reddit

And to do this, I have to get my bum as high as possible.

11. “My friend’s dog is not happy to leave the dog park early! “

@ Hawk-Queen / Reddit

That’s a tantrum if I’ve ever seen one.

12. “The curler it gets, the wiser this dog looks”

@ Wubbalubbabudbud / Reddit

Somebody makes this dog stand a mountain top and a walking stick.

13. Why the long face?

@ Chocolateistheanswer / Imgur

Crush, hit stretch.

14. “Warm!”


For a lettering with one word, it really explains the whole situation. Dogs make great blankets whether they intend it or not.

15. “My friend’s dog, Bert, looks a lot like a polite version of Scooby-Doo. “

@ hardyhaha_09 / Reddit

Do you have … rome rome?

16. “She was dejected and overwhelmed with kindness. “

via Reddit

It’s really all in the caption.

17. “I think my dog ​​wants to be a mob boss for Halloween”

@ hotpocket1229 / Reddit

I will offer him a stick that he cannot refuse.

18. “He discovers icebergs”

@ tforpatato / Reddit

Iceberg, dead ahead!

19. “Smol hooman is Doggo Frend?”

@ eatdeadpeople / Reddit

The enthusiasm has not yet been achieved here.

20. Seal Puppo

@ buttkracker / Reddit

Well, seals are like the dogs of the sea. I think that makes this dog the seal of the country?

21. “My dogs love each other too much … that or they’re stupid lol “

@ endstonegolem / Reddit

Guys? There’s still a bed … Okay, it doesn’t matter.

22. “My dog ​​made himself a perfect costume by destroying his stuffed cow. “

via Reddit

One less thing on your Halloween to-do list.

23. “My golden puppy is ready for winter !!”

@ sonakstyle / Reddit

He looks ready to hit the slopes!

24. “He wanted to keep it up for a long time …”

@ Lindsaymartin15 / Twitter

Lindsay Martin: “My mom just ruined my dog ​​and she literally said, “He wanted to keep it up for a long time. I’m devastated!”

25. “You only accepted the cold. I was born into it. “

@ scooterthetroll / Reddit

I would follow this K-9 into a blizzard.

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The internet is pretty big, so this list is only part one of four. Proceed to Part 2 here!

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