5 Ways to Ensure a Happy Canine “Office Mate”


Working from home has many benefits, especially if you have a dog. You can walk or cuddle her whenever you want, and you don’t have to rush home to give her a toilet break. But when you have a puppy it can be a chore keeping him busy so you can actually work – I know, because I have one.

Among other things, Josie, my nine month old German Shepherd and Labrador mix, whines and barks to get my attention when I’m on the phone, which can make business calls a little less professional than I’d like them to be. Through trial and error and with professional help, I have come up with a short list of strategies to keep you entertained.

1. Create a schedule. Dogs love routine, so a daily schedule will keep them on a more even keel, according to trainer John Imler, owner of Top Dog Training in Louisville, Kentucky. He suggests spinning outside of the game, within the quiet time, toilet break, nap in the box, and so on until dinner and before bed. “Usually this wears a puppy off every day, and you end up conditioning a teenage dog to learn how to be calm next to you [you’re] work, ”said Imler. “You know a trip outside is coming.”

2. Be active. Emma Grigg, CAAB and author of The Science Behind a Happy Dog: Dog Training, Thinking, and Behavior, says there are two ways to entertain a puppy: actively and passively. Most dogs, especially puppies and active breeds, need a little more activity to keep them entertained, Grigg says. Dogs need to burn a certain amount of energy each day, and it is crucial that your dog gets enough exercise. “If they don’t have the opportunity to do this through walks, dog park time, fetch games, etc., they will often find less engaging ways to channel that energy,” says Grigg.

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