7 treats for National Dog Day


It’s National Dog Day! Whether you’re just thinking of one more brand on your calendar today, or instead grab the opportunity to treat your pup extra special today … The Bark editors have rounded up some of their favorite gift ideas, from artisan treats to DIY projects, to give you help your dog celebrate being best friends.

West Paw freeze dried goodies

Some dog treats are just too difficult to source and challenging to make yourself. That’s why we turned to our friends at West Paw Design, who are committed to the highest levels of sourcing and sustainable production methods. Their treats are made from high quality ingredients that are made in the USA and contain no preservatives or additives. These are great protein-based, store-bought treats.

Farm Hound liver and blood sprinkles toppers

Food toppers are a great way to add to your dogs’ meals, and these new blood and liver sprinkle products are like fairy dust for your puppy’s palates. They are great sources of iron and protein, and support zero-waste agriculture

Matching face mask & dog bandana

Do your part against the pandemic by wearing a handcrafted face mask while your dog wears a matching headscarf. Made in Guatemala, these 100% cotton handwoven items are comfortable and stylish. Face masks have elastic ear straps and a hidden pocket for optional filters. One size fits all. The bandanas are two-ply and have a triangular shape for a good fit for a dog. Comes in three sizes.

Slow feed bowl

This ceramic bowl will help your dog slow down with meals and reduce the need to swallow food or water for easier digestion. The unique paw shape in the center of the bowl creates an obstacle for the food placed in it. These ceramic bowls are non-toxic, lead-free, rust-free and dishwasher-safe. It will also be delivered personalized with your dog’s name!

Make your dog happy: A guide to how to think, what to do (and not want) and how to get to “Good Dog”! behavior

Is your dog trying to tell you something? Dog experts and lovers Melissa Starling and Paul McGreevy’s insightful book will help you understand how dogs use body language to communicate, and help you see the world the way your dog does. In short, we’re going to show you how to unlock your dog’s emotions and behaviors and be the best dog parent you can be.

DIY projects

We love Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects – there are few things more satisfying than doing something from scratch and sharing it with a loved one. Some of these projects can be done in a day (the snuff mat and treats), while this bed creation takes a lot longer (Christmas present someone?).

Crochet dog bed

Make your puppy a colorful dog bed with scraps of yarn. This project is perfect for doers of all ages.

Make your dog a snuff mat

This toy teaches dogs to use their sense of smell to track down hidden goodies. It’s a great activity for dogs of all ages, but especially popular with older dogs who get their kicks from less strenuous games.

Homemade goodies

Nothing says “I love you” more effectively than homemade delicacies. We recommend two easy-to-bake dog treats – a recipe made with pumpkin and a recipe made with one of the most popular “super” foods – apples.

Here’s a cool treat for warm weather … an icy blend of juice and fruit that’s both healthy and refreshing for the remaining dog days.

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