7 Ways to Integrate a Dog Shower Into Your Home


A little over a year ago, our family of seven grew into a family of eight with our golden lab Sam. Like all dog owners, we believe Sam is the smartest, friendliest, best-behaved dog that has ever existed. We are also convinced that he is one of the most smelly if he goes too long without a proper bath!

We don’t have any renovation plans in the works, but I dream of one day having a place for Sam to bathe. One where I don’t have to lift his heavy body into the same tub that our children bathe in. See how homeowners and designers have added their pups to laundry rooms, mud flaps, and even outdoor shower rooms.

One of the hardest parts of bathing pets is making them feel comfortable. Installing an outdoor shower like the one shown here will make your pet happier than throwing them in a tub. This outdoor pet shower is also perfect for those who live in a warmer climate. This pet bath shows that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function.

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