A dog named Daisy Bottom


An elegy for a dog named Daisy Bottom

You would have said it was nothing. You would have said we were best friends – we were family. You would have said you would tolerate Linus. You would have said you hadn’t bitten any other dog in the ear. You would have said you were captured and locked up until we jumped you out of the shelter. You would have said you lived in captivity.

You were wild and then you weren’t. You were a wild mutt that roamed the streets of Seattle. Nobody knows where you are from. You were never lost – when you got off you came home when you wanted to. They hunted squirrels and trash cans. And you almost caught a rabbit once. You sang You cried. You moaned. You sighed. You barked.

This is an elegy for a dog called Daisy Pants.

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