A Few Tips to Keep Your Dogs Safe in Winter


Winter is officially here and most of the country faces harsh and cold winter weather. The cold weather and shorter daylight hours make walking the dog and exercising particularly difficult. If you live with pets, the winter time comes with some precautionary measures. Read up on some quick winter dog safety reminders.

Dry them off. After a snowy walk or frolic in the garden, wipe your dog’s paws and stomach and check the paw pads for cuts or abrasions. Ingested rock salt, antifreeze, and other chemicals are dangerous to dogs, and prickly snow and ice can cut.

Keep them warm. Make sure your dog has a draft-free place to sleep, with a nice comfortable bed or a thick blanket to help soften the slumber.

Hold her close. Do not keep dogs on a leash during a snow storm. They can lose the smell and get lost easily. Make sure they wear a collar and current tags too.

Light their way. Greater visibility saves lives. Attach lights to collars, straps, and leashes; Invest in a reflective vest, especially if your dog has a thick coat. and make sure you wear self-reflective clothing

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