Banning Slaughter Of Dogs And Cats


Slaughtering dogs and cats for food is rare in the United States, but legal in 44 states. Laws that would make it illegal nationwide were passed in house. The law amends the Animal Welfare Act by breaking the law to knowingly kill, own, transport, buy, sell, or donate these animals or parts of them for human consumption. The penalty for doing this could be a fine of up to $ 5,000. It is already illegal for slaughterhouses to handle dog and cat meat and shops to sell it, but this new bill extends those bans to individuals.

The bipartisan bill is sponsored by two Florida officials – Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Alcee Hastings. They are optimistic and hope that the law banning the trade in dog and cat meal will also be passed in the Senate. Animal welfare-related issues are rare in that they have historically been supported by two parties. By supporting these issues, politicians can often show their voters that they are compassionate.

Unfortunately, there is a dog and cat meat market that puts animals at risk. Dogs (and cats) that are lost, stolen, or stray dogs are sometimes slaughtered for profit. Pets that are advertised as “free for a good home” are also at risk. When this law goes into effect it will protect many endangered animals.

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