Bark’s Picks for Best of Film, TV, and the Arts of 2017


It is this time of year that we look back and pick out our favorite pictures and words of 2017. We’ll start with the movies, television, and the arts that made an impact and deserve a reputation for the way they portray dogs and the bonds we share with them. Some may have been overlooked over the course of a news-heavy year, but we encourage you to check them out. Next week we’ll be listing our favorite books of the year.

Movies & TV

Megan Leavey
Based on a real story, the film Megan Leavey rises significantly beyond the standard canine and military drama due to an outstanding performance by Kata Mara and the constant direction of Gabriela Cowperthwaite. The first-time director brings a documentary filmmaker to the story of two war heroes – a human and a dog – who fight in their roles during military training, on the battlefield and in civilian life (Cowperthwaite directed the documentary exposé 2013) Black fish). Available on iTunes, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Sled dogs
This is an unwavering, yet indispensable documentary about the unjust and often cruel world of dog grooming. Masterfully staged by Fern Levitt, Sled dogsThe first focus is on the infamous 2010 Whistler, British Columbia case when 53 sled dogs were executed by a recreational sled dog company. The film takes the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour of the mushing business in Canada and Colorado. and to Alaska, where each year Mushing’s signature competitive event, the Iditarod, takes place, where mushers and dogs traverse more than 1,000 miles of terrain between Anchorage and Nome. The award-winning documentary was released in Canadian cinemas and broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Documentary Channel. Distribution in the USA is currently being sought. Watch out for it on public television, pay-per-view cable, and film festivals. Available on iTunes.

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