Basset Hound carries his meal to the couch after a long day at work


After a long day at work, it’s normal for people to grab a plate of food and go to the couch. Time spent at home is an ideal time to relax for people with full-time employment. But a smart dog also seems to believe they deserve this chance to sit back and relax.

Murphy the Basset Hound loves to carry his dinner into the living room for a pleasant meal. He sees his family relax while they eat all the time. Then why can’t he have the same luxury? As it turns out, he can!

Murphy eats in style

Murphy lived the life of a normal dog. His family would fill his bowl in the kitchen and that is where he would eat them. But as time went on, he realized that life had more to offer.

Image: Screenshot, Rumble Viral YouTube

First, he observed his human family members, who often had dinner on the couch while they watched TV. Murphy knew he was an important member of the family, so he aspired to have dinner with them in the living room. One day he decided to make this dream a reality. He took his bowl of nibbles and carried them into the living room.

To his surprise, his family didn’t stop him. He jumped on the couch and curled up in a comfortable place. They just stared at him in awe as he carefully put down his food bowl without spilling a single piece. Then he nibbled on his food as he enjoyed a comfortable spot on the couch. In that moment he knew that he was living his life to the fullest.

A spoiled dog

Now that Murphy knows how to eat in style, he can’t go on like it was before. So he repeated his actions every day. He always carried his full bowl from the kitchen to the living room. His family members don’t mind. In fact, they even encourage it.

Dog eats on the couch
Image: Screenshot, Rumble Viral YouTube

Most of the time, Murphy’s food carrying skills are impeccable. But every now and then he leaves a mess for his mother to clean up. Instead of redirecting his couch-loving behavior, his mother Audrey Waito actually made it easier for him.

“I was just starting to put his bowl in its place on the couch,” Waito said. “He’s my other child. He’s pretty spoiled.”

But being spoiled is an understatement. This smart dog has found a way to get all the benefits of a relaxing week without going to work all day. It seems a little unfair, but he’s adorable so we can forgive him!

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Featured image: Screenshot, Rumble Viral YouTube

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