Check out the fun memes this Texas animal shelter uses to help dogs find Furever homes


I am often overwhelmed when I think about how many dogs, cats, and other animals are currently living in animal shelters or makeshift homes. With so many animals up for adoption, it can be difficult to highlight individuals. As an animal shelter has learned, a little creative writing can sometimes help.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Texas really cracked it when it comes to showing off their adoptable animals online. The photos they share are often accompanied by funny memes. Take this special taste dog named Johnny for example:

@ MCASTX / Facebook

This face paired with a great punchline makes this photo clickable. The more clicks the picture gets, the faster this adorable but mischievous boy will be adopted!

A thirsty boy named Bruno also got the meme treatment:

@ MCASTX / Facebook

The shelter affectionately described its attitude towards adoption:

“Bruno heard all about how difficult the dating scene is for people. His advice? Avoid the dating pool and adopt a dog instead. “

The meme from Buns was also a real eye-catcher.

The photo description for this little chonk has been added:

“Rumors have been circulating that a brown bear has been spotted north of Houston, but it turned out to be buns. You don’t need to be alerted.”

8 year old Helen apparently loves to sit on furniture as soon as someone gets up.

@ MCASTX / Facebook

MCAS added:

“By the age of 8, Helen still has many years of life and loves to share – and honestly, you have a chair she’d love to share! Have you ever been talked about a dog from your place ?! We have!”

Helen must have stolen my heart! At a time when social media is paramount, such fun and effect tactics really work.

Sometimes you have to get creative

The shelter summed up the whole premise of these memes and explained how difficult it is for dogs in animal shelters or nursing homes to find their permanent families.

“Often times, dogs in foster homes do not seem to love adopters like those who are still in the shelter. We can certainly understand that the ‘urgency’ is not there, but if you adopt a carer, this foster home can Help NEXT dog! So you are still saving lives – in fact, you are helping several lives! “

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter really invests in their animals, and it shows. Every dog ​​in every animal shelter is worth going the extra mile for!

Follow their Facebook page to see more of these stupid pictures. Who knows, you might find a new friend forever!

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Featured image: @ MCASTX / Facebook

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