Chris Evans and His Dog Dodger


In a real “sweet meeting”, Chris Evans found his rescue pup Dodger while he was making the film Gifted. One of the last scenes they shot was at an animal shelter, and Evans initially didn’t realize that the dogs weren’t working dogs hired for the scene, but were actually ready for adoption. It was love at first sight for Evans, who was so certain Dodger was meant to be his, that he filmed their meeting.

That was years ago and since then Evans has regularly posted pictures and videos of Dodger which are incredibly adorable and both of which share happy times. Including a Dodger who sings with a musical lion, and one in which Dodger and Chris are reunited after weeks while Chris works on a film. Of course, Dodger greeted Chris with loads of kisses and treats all over his face. Dodger was visibly excited that his person was back home!

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