Conditions of tenderness


Not that we need a vacation to remind ourselves how much we value our dogs, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s a good thing to think about. Our newest dog, Terrier mix Charlie, whom we adopted about a year ago, has a lot going for it. As many of you may remember, we got him shortly after our 18 year old terrier mix Lenny passed away. I was very attached to it Sine qua non Terrier nature and thought that the young Charles had the same qualities as his predecessor – true to the core with a wise “oneness”. But unlike Len, he came with the overwhelming desire to “go down”. From his first night with us, his preferred place in the universe was to sleep next to me under the covers. It surprised me at first (and I feared he would choke!), But I quickly got used to our sleep arrangement – it’s so adorable and so is him. The night starts with Charlie snuggling up against my midsection, but in the morning he’s at my feet (still under lock and key). Does your dog sleep with you? In which way? What do you particularly like about your dog?

Welcome to our new readers! The Winter ’12 edition was so popular that we sold out in mid-December. This could be your first taste of The Bark. We start 2013 by putting on the winter lid and jumping enthusiastically into spring. Julie Hecht helps us understand what this bark is about. Behaviorist Karen London explains why dogs love novelty. and Rebecca Wallick talks to Ted Kerasote about his new book, Pukka’s promisein which he gives his recipe for longer-lived dogs. While we agree with much of what Ted says, we make an exception to some of his positions, particularly his stance on spay / neuter. But the debate is good, isn’t it?

John Woestendiek examines the amalgamation of human and veterinary medicine and the benefits that arise for both types. We also look at the interfaces between dogs and technology; As an amazing example, Emily Anthes interviews an orthopedic veterinarian who makes prostheses. Also, I’ve put together a delicious treat recipe that I want to share with you. There’s another episode of Lee Harrington’s “Chloe Chronicles” in which Chloe has a marrowbone mishap (this happened to our dog Lola too, so definitely something to watch out for). and Twig Mowatt shows how future-oriented housing makes adoption more accessible.

The tail of none other than EB White, author of the classic Charlotte’s Web (among many others) our Valentine’s Day is for you. In this timeless essay White wrote during World War II, he talks about his vegetable garden, urban chicken farming, and irrepressible dog, all subjects that are back in vogue (although, thank God, dogs never ran out).

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