Crafts: Personalized Porcelain Plates


Alexandra Thurston gives us an added incentive to clean our plates at mealtime: so we can enjoy the portraits that adorn her ceramics. In creating her porcelain portrait, Thurston combines three passions: ceramics, printmaking and dogs. She has had her hands in clay since she was six and studied printmaking in college with a focus on woodblock printing. She says dogs have always been her favorite subject. When she renewed her interest in ceramics, some of her old prints got onto her ceramics. Soon she was creating custom portraits of friends’ dogs and putting them on plates. Today she uses the linocut technique and cuts the portraits from photos of her clients into a sheet of linoleum, which essentially creates a large stamp.

The plates and plates are made of porcelain clay plates that run through a plate press. Each plate is molded by hand and the image is transferred onto the plate using a black underglaze and an ink roller. Upon request, the dog’s name will be manually stamped with rubber alphabet stamps. The plates are fired with a clear glaze to give them a slight sheen and make them dishwasher and microwave safe. Since the plates are handmade and hand-printed, each one has its own charm and character.

Alexandra grew up as the only (human) child, but shared her early years with a liver-spotted Dalmatian named Truffle, who joined the family at the dinner table every evening. We believe that this could be the real source of inspiration for these imaginative plates. Who wouldn’t want to eat with these adorable puppy plates?

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