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Good bad you win Take this body. I was once this 12 ½ year old bowl of the dog. Take it all. See what it brings you.

Take those eyes. In the end, they were blind to the world and useless to me. I’ll keep pictures of every face I’ve ever loved and end up with Tim holding me tight as I hop to the light and into another world.

Hey evil You want those ears? Take them now for what they’re worth. Because in my head I have recorded beautiful harmonies and rhythms of nature that speak to my heart. My soul has accepted words of love and friendship that your being will never understand.

My nose? Everything your buddy. Like you, it’s dry and shriveled like stale fruit. I will keep the smell memories of dew on newborn prairie grasslands and the tickling stench of a rotting log. I can catalog the bouquet of love, joy and happiness. I’ve known her all my life.

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