DNA testing provides insight into your dog’s past and future


Recent studies show that mixed breed dogs make up just over half of all dogs that share our home in the United States. This number far exceeds any other individual breed. So it’s fair to say that the mixed breed dog is America’s most popular canine pet. Mongrel dog guards have long had to guess their dog’s ancestry, but today they can rely on science to unfold a dog’s genetic profile.

Fortunately, dog protectors can use DNA testing products that are easy to use, affordable, and reasonably reliable with their results. The WISDOM PANELTM Canine DNA testing – the leader in canine genetics since 1999 – requires two simple swabs from your dog’s mouth that you mail in. The waiting time is usually two to three weeks. Genetic testing provides a scientific analysis of your dog’s DNA – not just the different breeds found in a dog’s ancestry, but valuable screening for more than 150 disease-causing mutations. This important information can help you work with your veterinarian to come up with a plan for your dog’s specific health and breed needs.

WISDOM PANEL canine DNA tests have the largest breed database of over 250 breeds, types and varieties represented in more than 15,000 pure-bred samples. Your test examines your dog’s DNA at more than 1,800 points (markers) and sends the data to a computer, which uses an advanced algorithm and more than 17MM calculations. The algorithm uses information from the extensive sample database to analyze your dog’s potential pedigrees that go back three generations.

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