Dog Adventures: Transcontinental Cycling Trek


From the moment my partner Dave Hoch and I decided to go on a world bike tour in 2015, our Australian Shepherd Sora has been a crucial member of the team. Leaving them behind was not an option. Sora is part of our pack: if we go, she goes. After years of work and training, Sora, whom Dave adopted in 2008 as the “last chance” of the three-year-old project dog, had become a good adventure companion. However, she never seemed to shake her suspicions of new people or to challenge other dogs, and we accepted that this was only part of who she was. So imagine my surprise when I left our hotel in a Chilean Altiplano village earlier this year and saw Sora standing between two teenagers and being petted violently. They said their own Australian Shepherd had recently passed away and Sora reminded them of her pup.

Why was I surprised? Sora isn’t exactly kid-friendly. Her uncontrolled movements and loud noises startle her, and she tends to react with growls and lags. But these two young people came in her face, pushed her and petted her as if she were the dog they once had. And she seemed to be enjoying the attention.

The is this dog?

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