Dog Crashes Track Meet & unofficially wins the race


At Logan High School, Utah, a track meet took a surprising turn thanks to the intervention of a doggie viewer. As the runners neared the end of an intense 4 × 200 meter relay, a puppy in the crowd picked up a page from the Air Bud playbook: “The rulebook doesn’t contain anything that says a dog can’t race!”

The little dog refused to remain just a spectator in view of such high stakes and ran directly under the barrier that separated the audience from the athlete. Then he sprinted past several other runners at full speed.

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Fortunately, the race has already been filmed, so the entire event was captured on camera. Looking at the footage, it almost seems like he wasn’t just trying to play, he indeed knew he was in a race and he had to win!

Of course, a confused crowd began to cheer louder as the dog joined the last leg. The dog ran the hardest and filled the gap between itself and the nearest runner.

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Eventually the dog caught up with the runner in the lead, Gracie Laney. In an interview with, Laney explained her confusion:

“At first I thought it was another runner and I was surprised because we had a pretty good lead. As it got closer, I thought, “This is too small to be a person,” and then I realized it was a dog. “

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When Laney finally discovered that this furry competitor wasn’t actually a distance runner, she just wanted to make sure she didn’t trip over him. The dog was still there to win it.

“When the dog crossed my lane, I was afraid I would trip over it, and then I was afraid I would stab it with my spikes. Everything happened so fast. “

In the end, this ambitious pup crossed the finish line in front of Laney. Although he technically won the race, he was not an official participant, which made his win irrelevant. Even so, the footage will always prove he’s the fastest of them all.

@ Meilenplit / Instagram

Check out the exciting final lap of the race below:

Fans give the dog an honorary victory

Of course, this video has done really well on social media, garnering thousands of views and shares. Spectators stepped in to support the dog’s ambitions despite not being a pre-approved runner.

“Give the dog a scholarship.” – @terry_scott 3 via Instagram

The dog had the best separation, but you have to disqualify him for walking on multiple tracks! “- @mike evans via YouTube

The lesson might be to keep a calmer hand on your dog’s leash when you take him to a track meet, but I think it’s more that dogs can’t go wrong.

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Featured image: @ milesplit / Instagram

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