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Even if our dogs misbehave, we can’t be angry with them. My dog ​​made eye contact with me once while urinating on my bed, and an hour later I called him a “perfect little angel” again. Since our dogs bring so much joy into our lives most of the time, sometimes all you have to do is sigh and shake your head as you toss your dog’s piss-soaked sheets into the laundry.

If anything embodies that moment that all animal parents are experiencing, it is a recent viral video with a man and a public fountain. The video initially seems to show a man in shorts climbing straight into the park water fountain for no reason. He slowly walks in the middle as people everywhere watch this seemingly bizarre choice.

@ MonsignoreYeetimusRex / IMGUR

Then comes the glorious cinematic reveal, the reason for the jump. An excited lab puppy is playing in the bubbling water and has the absolute time of his life. He jumps in and out of the cascading liquid, bites on it, and refuses to be argued.

@ MonsignoreYeetimusRex / IMGUR

The poor man must have called his pup to get out of the well for a while before he found it necessary to go into the water himself. But the best part of the whole video is its reaction. He just holds out his arms with a half-shrug, as if to tell his dog, “Come on, man”.

@ MonsignoreYeetimusRex / IMGUR

Unfortunately, the puppy interprets his person’s approach as an invitation to play more in the water. After some wiggling and weaving, the man finally gets his puppy in hand. Looks like public bath time is over buddy! We are sorry.

@ MonsignoreYeetimusRex / IMGUR

Check out the whole video below, it’s funny:

We’ve all been through this

Of the literally millions of viewers this video has on multiple social media platforms, a huge amount relates to every moment of the person and puppy interaction. After the big reveal, everyone understands what would make someone wade barefoot in a public fountain. Dog retrieval of course! Most of all, we all recognize this shrug.

I feel for him. I was the “what are you doing brother?” In this scenario. “- @Jujumanjis via Reddit

I’ve made the same gesture to my dog ​​so many times. “- @Magna_Cum_Nada via Reddit

Some even refer to the slow, shameful, yet amused walk.

The way a man walks tells you he had to do this beforehand. “- @ jengoddard2 via Twitter

“I should have recognized the defeated shuffling of an animal owner who has to fetch an animal that is not coming.” – @CalluColorGod via Imgur

“I had to wade into a stream to find my border collie, who had bitten on a tiny waterfall for 90 minutes. I feel this guy’s pain. “- @BlueMerleBill via Twitter

So, if your dog is a fountain-loving type, consider a safer leash in the public park. Otherwise you could end up in the well water up to your thigh.

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Featured image: @ MonsignorYeetimusRex / IMGUR

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