Dog follows his mini-humans to school and ends up in custody


The first time Karen Manthey’s children saw their new Goldendoodle puppy, they immediately decided that his name would be Sandy. Lainey and Jasper had recently seen the classic musical Annie and thought her pup looked just like the street dog rescued by the title character.

But this Sandy is not a “stupid dog”. In fact, he’s incredibly smart, which often leads him to mischief. Not only did Sandy’s recent caper get him in hot water with the local elementary school, it also resulted in a fun photo that is quickly going viral.

Look at that cute, innocent face!

It all started when 10-year-old Lainey and 5-year-old Jasper went back to school after seven months of quarantine. The cute 6 year old pooch loved having his siblings at home all day and just wasn’t ready to let them go. When they went to school on October 16, Sandy followed them.

Sandy was a surprising Christmas puppy for the Manthey kids!

Most days he would not have been able to escape, but that morning Lainey and Jasper walked through the garage door. Sandy made his best impression of Indiana Jones and slipped before closing.

Maybe he ducked behind fences and trees, or maybe the kids were just too distracted to notice, but somehow Sandy managed to track Lainey and Jasper all the way to school.

Once there, Sandy was spotted by the excited children waiting for the morning bell. His presence was reported to the office staff, who took him inside to ensure his safety.

As you can see in the now infamous photo, Sandy didn’t regret his actions in the least! After a happy visit to the office ladies, he jumped in the window and looked out into the busy school hallway.

The blinds were closed, but that didn’t stop him. Sandy was entangled in her remains when one of the Mantheys neighbors took this picture.

“He was excited about the day’s adventures,” said Karen Manthey of Sandy’s lack of shame. “If anything, I think he’ll try twice as hard to sneak away with the kids again.”

Manthey offered to pay for the broken blinds, but school staff were happy to copy them off for a digital copy of the photo. She also shared it on a “pet shaming” page on Facebook, which has since received thousands of comments and laughs.

When Sandy is out of custody, he likes to hunt birds and steal food (he once carried away and ate a whole roast chicken). Most of all, Sandy loves his family. He devotes himself entirely to them, spending his days with the children and their friends and his nights bed hoping so that no one feels left out.

When the family is separated, he walks back and forth all his time on camping trips to check on each group to make sure everyone is safe, ”said Manthey.

Sandy with the whole family.

Sandy just wants to make his people happy, and now that he’s famous he can bring joy to the rest of the world too!

All photos by Karen Manthey

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