Dog-Friendly Off-Leash Federal Lands


National Conservation Lands protect 32 million acres of the country’s most ecologically and culturally rich landscapes. Each one is different, not only in the terrain, but also in history. These areas consist of national monuments and nature reserves and similar names, wilderness and wilderness study areas, wild and scenic rivers, and national scenic and historical hiking trails.

They are overseen by the Bureau of Land Management and, unlike other public areas such as those administered by the National Park Service, have a much more tolerant policy towards unleashed dogs.

There are more than 30 places in the western states that you and your dog can explore freely. It is important to note that while dogs must be kept on a leash in developed areas and campsites, they are generally not required by law to be kept on a leash in the hinterland. However, in some areas, dogs should be kept on a leash for their own safety. Hunting and fishing are permitted in most of these areas, one more reason to keep your dog safe. Be sure to follow the rules in each individual park and – of course – to pick up and unpack your dog’s litter.

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