Dog grows up with cats, therefore becomes one


Dogs learn a lot about observing behavior. They watch other dogs and they watch their humans and absorb their behavior. It turns out that dogs can also learn a lot from watching cats.

Take the dog Mako, for example. He grew up with two siblings of cats: Pecan and Gizmo. According to his human family members Bethany and Samantha Castiller, Mako reached new heights after his cat siblings enlightened him. They told the dodo:

“The cats get up on the cupboards. As soon as he saw them, he was instantly up there whenever they were there. “

See puppy, do puppy! Mako watched his cat siblings climb anything they wanted to climb. Of course he thought he should, too. He learned to jump that other pooches might never dare. Like, for example, to the top of the refrigerator.

@ mako_thecatdog / Instagram

The Castillians described how strange it was for Mako to do this for the first time.

“When I actually saw him jump on the fridge, I didn’t realize that dogs can just jump so gracefully.”

@ mako_thecatdog / TikTok

Although some commentators claim they put their dog on the fridge just for “likes,” additional footage on TikTok shows Mako’s trial. He jumps from the floor to the counter and then to the refrigerator. He also frequently jumps on tables and countertops.

@ mako_thedogcat / Instagram

His family is happy to see him standing in strange places. You’re just not sure why he enjoys doing this so much.

“We got him from a rescue home. They told us he was good with cats, but they said nothing about him acting like a cat! “

@ mako_thedogcat / Instagram

This confused sweetheart is really acting like a cat. Mako loves to eat kittens. He also loves cat toys, so his humans got him a large, dog-sized version.

@ mako_thecatdog / TikTok

Bethany even joked that he prefers to hang out with the cats more often than with them.

“He definitely wants to be there [the cats] sometimes more than us. “

@ mako_thecatdog / Instagram

Even if it means leaving no food on the counter, Mako’s family wouldn’t trade it for any canine dog in the world.

“I love his personality and how unique he is to a pet.”

To be honest, I have to agree with that last statement. Mako is a unique and adorable puppy. Follow @Mako_TheCatDog on Instagram for more dog cat adventures!

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Selected image: @ mako_thecatdog / Instagram

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