Dog Moms And Mother’s Day


Inclusivity is important. It’s a lesson that many parents put high on the list when it comes to teaching their children how to be good, kind citizens of the planet. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to put this lesson into practice by celebrating all forms of motherhood.

As dogs are increasingly viewed as family members and many people refer to them as “furry children” or “my babies”, it makes sense to have space on this holiday so that the mother of dogs can be celebrated. I believe this is true as to whether or not a particular mother dog also has human children.

Women become mothers by giving birth, adopting children, marrying someone who already has children, and by entering a variety of situations where motherhood is to be done. There are mothers who have lost children and there are women who are desperate to become mothers but have not been able to achieve that dream.

Dogs are the main recipients of the love women receive in any situation. I believe that being a mother dog on Mother’s Day is worth it, but I know others disagree with this point of view. What do you think?

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