Dog Names Can Create Alarm


He called his dog to keep coming back after the lab mix jumped out of the truck and started running. The man sounded rather alarmed because he feared his dog would run into the woods and be really hard to find. So everyone in the hot springs closest to the parking lot was treated with the loud bellows of a man in need who shouted: “Bear! Bear! Bear! “Problem was, they were in an area in Alaska where bears can pose a serious threat to human safety. Nobody noticed they were calling a dog and instead thought they were facing an approaching grizzly bear The resulting panic is easy to imagine but difficult to correct.

A customer who loves golf has three dogs named in honor of their favorite sport, and the whole family enjoys their home right next to a golf course. Of course, the dog most similar to Houdini and who has a tendency to get out of the house and yard is the one named Fore. Those named Divet and Bogey are content to stay at home where the couches are comfy and the yard has good sun spots. “Fore!” On the golf course you live on, it is not a good way to be popular with those around you and the man is seriously considering changing the dog’s name to “eagle”. I am in favor of the move and also work on board to 1) secure their property and 2) work hard to improve the dog’s recall.

A friend of mine who studies fire ecology thought about the danger of naming her dog after her area of ​​interest. She realized that “fire!” Getting her dog to cum would be problematic in almost any situation, so she named her dog Spark instead. Another friend in the same field had a dog named Scorch, but as far as I know she never considered the name Fire.

Obvious names to avoid if you don’t want to panic are Help, Thief, and Danger, but I’ve never met a dog by these names. I often wonder about dogs named Killer and those named Gunner who end up nicknamed Gun. These names can all cause problems when called in different contexts.

Do you have a dog with a name that causes confusion or fear when you call him out?

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