Dog Photography Tips: Aim to Please


Your mantelpiece and Facebook page are overflowing with photos of the family doing cool things. But if you try to get the dog in the frame, he’ll be looking the wrong way or wandering away to spot squirrels. Here are some dog photography tips to get to the heart of your technique and get your dog alert so they can take their rightful place in the family gallery.

Stay in the moment

Candid photos are probably the most interesting moments to capture, but you need to be prepared to capture them. Think about what you love most about your puppy. How does it spread on your back? Your careful observation of the food preparations? Keep your camera close at hand so you can capture your dog’s unforgettable moments.

When taking posed photos of dogs, look for complementary backgrounds. If your dog is light, position him in front of dark walls or furniture, or on a brightly colored rug or light green grass. Go down to their level for a cozy perspective or compose the shot slightly off the center for a funky feel. And think about the zoom; Wide-angle shots capture her in her element, while close detail shots (squishy paws or a strained ear) convey her personality in a surprisingly artistic way. Be creative.

Choose your location

Typically, best results are obtained in environments that have good natural light and are familiar to your dog. The better she knows the location, the more relaxed she will be, so start at home. Inside, choose spaces with natural light – open the curtains. Look for meaningful places like her bed or that spot of afternoon sun that she likes to nap in.

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