Dog rudely fulfills his dream of becoming a news reporter


Dogs can have dreams as much as we can. And many of them probably want to do human things to become more like their loved ones. But is it possible for dogs to want a job? A dog in Moscow seems to think so.

During an outdoor weather report in Russia, a golden retriever decided to achieve its goals. To become a news reporter and star, he knew he needed a microphone. So he interrupted a live report by snapping the microphone and running away. Now he seems to have got everything he ever dreamed of.

Image: Screenshot, YouTubeр 24 YouTube

Weather report ruined

The Russian reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina was supposed to make a weather report. On the news, she lets viewers know that Moscow’s weather is about to warm up. But before she can finish her thoughts, a golden retriever sneaks past the camera.

The dog jumps up and grabs the reporter’s microphone – the colorful microphone in his defense does look a lot like a dog toy! Serezhkina chases after the puppy and tells him to stop and come here. The video will then be cut back to presenter Elina Dashkueva as this will be clarified.

At first, Dashkueva seems shocked, but she does her best to keep her face straight and move on. She simply says the connection was cut before the subject was changed. It takes about 30 seconds for Serezhkina to be ready to resume her prognosis. And this time she has a new four-legged reporter by her side.

Dog runs with microphone
Image: Screenshot, YouTubeр 24 YouTube

A furry news reporter

When the footage cuts back on Serezhkina, she crouches next to the microphone-stealing Golden Retriever. She quickly finishes her report while the dog sits happily next to her. She explains that April weather will be better than March, but with more rain.

Serezhkina added that no one was injured during the incident, but her microphone had some bite marks.

“Elina, as I said, the weather is really perfect, just right for walking your dogs … That’s all from me,” concluded Serezhkina.

Dog and news reporter
Image: Screenshot, YouTubeр 24 YouTube

As for the golden retriever, all of his hard work has paid off. Thanks to his quick thinking, he was able to be on TV and give a weather report with a professional. Whoever said dogs can’t do what they want is going to change their minds after this stunt. After all, the goals won’t accomplish themselves so we just have to do it like this smart dog.

Check out the humorous report below:

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Featured image: screenshot, YouTubeр 24 YouTube

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