Dog strangely embarrassed his father for not sharing his snack


A video has been making its rounds on the internet lately. It has gained popularity in part because of its adorable star, but mostly because of its relativity. If you’ve ever longed for a snack that wasn’t within reach right now – and no, I don’t mean Matthew McConaughey – then you can relate to it.

The incredibly sad video shows a golden retriever named Winston. The cute Winston has a gray muzzle that suggests he is not a young pup. What I mean to say is that he’s been around long enough to know his tricks and perfect them.

Swap puppy dog ​​eyes for a snack

If you watch the video, you’ll see that Winston has the pooch’s eyes pinned down, especially if it’s a snack. Unfortunately for Winston, no doggie eyes and silent screams of hope seemed to bring him closer to his forbidden bite. We’ve all been through this.

It’s not even clear what Winston was looking for. Was it a cookie? A cookie? Maybe a lightly buttered croissant? Nobody knows, but Winston did his best to get just a taste. The only thing he had to swallow was his pride as he watched his human take the last, delicious bite.

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Winston is full of fun entertainment

Winston’s parents were kind enough to share his antics with the world on his Instagram page. If you look around you will find that there is certainly no shortage of tasty snacks that he can actually put his paws on.

A video shows Winston taking part in the “Patience Challenge” that took place online. His mother put a delicious plate of food in front of him and told him to wait until she came back before he took a bite. Spoiler alert: he didn’t wait.

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See if I’ve been waiting for mom πŸ€ͺ

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Winston hardly knew he was being admitted. He dipped into that chicken platter with no remorse. Maybe it was because he didn’t speak to a fluent human to understand the instructions, or maybe it was because no sane dog will ever turn down an unaccompanied meat platter. We just know we love Winston as much as we love snacks!

Hell, he’ll even eat a flip flop if he gets the chance!

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I will only borrow dis

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Manipulating your people’s emotions is exhausting, isn’t it Winston?

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Just hang out

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If you want to follow Winston and his antics (trust me you do) you can follow him on Instagram @winthegolden.

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