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The recently launched Swifto aims to provide experienced and responsive nightlife assistance to busy New Yorkers. The still young web-based service connects people with a five-district squad of hand-picked, independent dog walkers. Unlike similar services that rely primarily on location to make recommendations, Swifto uses an algorithm that also takes into account the specific needs and challenges of dogs, as well as previous jobs, skills, and ratings of the walkers. Swifto’s other convenient service not only helps broker long-term dog management relationships, but is also a “quick match” for customers in a bind. The company promises that a walker will contact you within 60 minutes of the customer’s request to clarify details and – with the customer’s consent – to have the dog leash in hand. Walks cost $ 20 for a dog for 30 minutes and $ 5 for an additional dog; for an extra $ 10 the dog can walk for a full hour.

Pet check technology
As in so many areas, technology is making walking with dogs more transparent – you no longer have to wonder if, when and where your dog got its constitution. In 2001, Pet Check Technology launched the first dog walking software and mobile app to provide a home barcode that strollers scan to indicate the start and end of a walk. In addition, users can track every excursion online with real-time GPS and email updates.

“We hope, of course, that customers will take advantage of this service so that they can rest assured that their dog is being properly managed and / or trained,” said Doug Simon, founder of Pet Check Technology. Pet Check Technology software is also designed as a business management tool for professional dog walkers and includes planning and billing applications. Membership starts at $ 29.99 per month.

Jogging for dogs
When he founded Jogs for Dogs in 2007, founder Brendan Fahey envisioned a fairly traditional dogwalking service, with a twist: the walkers would be runners. But he soon learned that this small adjustment to his Seattle-based company had a big impact. Runners can only take one or two dogs at a time, and stomping on the sidewalk for two hours is the daily maximum for most runners. It wasn’t, as they say in the business world, scalable.

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