Dogs fill the stalls at the socially distant NBA game


Starting this summer of 2020, the NBA began its experiment to continue the basketball season without fans in the stands. All games are played in a quarantine bubble at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The aim is to keep basketball alive and at the same time to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. According to the NBA, zero players have tested positive for coronavirus since August 5.

Of course, ambience plays a big role when viewing professional sports. The NBA decided to fill the stadium seats with virtual versions of real fans. This is a way for fans who are disappointed that they cannot attend basketball games only to see themselves on TV anyway.

However, many of these fans are canines. In fact, 32 dogs (and one goat!) Appeared in the crowd at a Spurs / Jazz game this month.

To put it like the game announcer did:

“We’ve seen some incredible things in basketball, but never seen them like that.”

@ NBA / Twitter

Michelob Ultra is running an ongoing raffle where fans (and their adorable dogs) can try to win a virtual seat in the stadium. Every Tuesday they offer a new opportunity to become a virtual fan. If you reply to your tweet and retweet it with the hashtags #ULTRACourtside and #Sweepstakes, you will receive a post. No purchase required!

It wasn’t difficult to find dogs that could sit in our department. It was difficult to get her to sit and stay. “- @ MichelobULTRA / Twitter

It doesn’t surprise me that dog people would prefer to have their pooch on TV about themselves. In addition, it adds a whole new level of enjoyable viewing, especially for those who are reluctant to watch alongside the sports fans they love.

@ MichelobULTRA / Twitter

Events that encourage dog participation are occasionally held at certain sports stadiums. But they have never sat so quietly and quietly. In fact, none of these virtual pooches can stray from their seats at all. They just wiggle in and out of their tiny frames a little.

Obviously everyone loves these shots of happy dogs scattered among game material. Many fans continue to compete, submitting all kinds of animals, from sheep to cats to poodles.

@ MichelobULTRA / Twitter

Unfortunately, there are no plans to let non-family members or essential staff into the NBA bubble anytime soon. But seeing so many dogs on TV makes a pretty silver lining. Enter the competition today and who knows, it might just be your dog’s gorgeous mug that they cut on before the advert!

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Featured image: @ NBA / Twitter

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