Dogs who like to stick their heads through fence holes become art


Sometimes a backyard fence is a dog’s worst enemy. These wooden planks block their access to the street and prevent them from chasing squirrels to power lines. I’ve heard of people who put little “windows” in their fences, but I’ve never seen one that looks like it.

Ripley and Burger, two dogs with a passion for peeking through their backyard fence, bring joy to everyone who walks by. It’s not just that they are adorable poking their heads through the fence hole that their family made for them. They turned their dogs’ habit into beautiful works of art.

These fence-based art rates appear on Instagram and range from face-in-hole movie posters to classic artwork. Take burgers in a game of Pac Man, for example.

@ thedogfence / Instagram

Sometimes both Ripley and Burger “fight” for space in the art installation. Or, you know, its original purpose was to provide a view of the neighborhood. They shared a role in “The Dog With the Bone Earring”.

@ thedogfence / Instagram

This fence hole was made to keep burgers from digging under the fence. Brian Stanley, the father of the dogs, told the dodo:

“As soon as I was done, Burger was through his head and immediately stopped digging. Best decision ever! “

Bringing a smile to the neighbors at a difficult time

The dog fence ship came at just the right time for Burger and Ripley’s family. It also came at just the right time for their quarantined neighbors.

@ thedogfence / Instagram

“At first it started as a joke with my wife that I wanted to paint something on the street side of the fence around the dog window, but then the idea came up to paint an actual picture and hang it up to frame the hole in my mind.”

The first project was their canine version of “The Scream”, which they called “The Bark”. Stanley worked on it with his 7 year old son Cameron. At first they just wanted to do one. After that, the ideas just kept coming.

@ thedogfence / Instagram

This fence hole art really makes something for everyone. Right now during the pandemic, we could all use a little more joy in our days.

“The shutdown brought with it an obvious black cloud. Although more people were walking or cycling in the streets, we knew it was due to job losses and uncertain times. I first talked about it with my son, who was 100% behind the idea of ​​putting something on the fence to hopefully put a smile on people’s faces. “

The critics rave about it!

Ever since they started decorating around Burger and Ripley’s Lookout, people have offered words of appreciation to the family. Some even plan their days to see what’s new.

@ thedogfence / Instagram

“People have told us that they plan their walks and bike rides to pass our fence, and some people will even change their drives to get past it. I was outside with the dogs for several days and saw people come up to me and take selfies with the fence and burgers. People bring him treats and he just takes the attention. “

@ thedogfence / Instagram

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