Dying man grants last wish – a visit from his dog


Sometimes it makes sense to bend the rules.

Such was the case when the hospital staff made the compassionate decision to grant a terminally ill man a desire to see his dog one last time. Due to infection control, regulations at the prestigious Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland do not allow animals into their facilities except in exceptional circumstances. Staff asked relatives of 70-year-old Peter Robson, who suffered from pulmonary fibrosis, if he would like comfort from home before he died. Robson’s only wish was to see his dog, Shep, one last time. Aware of the hospital restrictions, the family was shocked when hospital staff granted Mr. Robson’s request and allowed Shep to be taken to his companion’s bed to say goodbye.

In a post on Facebook, Robson’s granddaughter Ashley Stevens said she was “absolutely amazed and touched” by the gesture made by the Ninewells staff. “Still shocked that the wish was granted and that they went way beyond that today and made a dying man very happy.”

Ms. Stevens later told BBC Scotland that her grandfather had Shep as a puppy eight years ago, with the dog becoming his constant companion after Mr. Robson’s wife died. She added, “He really thought he would never see Shep again. It was an amazing moment to see the two of them together and Shep was so excited to see him. “

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