Ending the Dog Meat Trade


The SOI DOG FOUNDATION was founded in 2003 by British pensioners John and Gill Dalley on the Thai island of Phuket and is the largest animal welfare organization in Southeast Asia that specializes in the treatment and care of street dogs and cats. Every year the organization treats tens of thousands of sick and injured animals and sterilizes and vaccinates around 30,000 dogs and cats.

In addition to caring for and treating stray animals, the Soi Dog Foundation is fighting to end the dog meat trade in Asia. After the trade was successfully concluded in Thailand, where up to 500,000 dogs were traded annually for their meat and skin, the focus has now shifted to Vietnam and South Korea, where five million and up to three million dogs are consumed annually. Soi Dog is confident that dog meat consumption will be banned in these countries within five years.

Dogs rescued from this grim business are being sent to Soi Dog’s Canadian and US partners. The foundation is responsible for all health checks long before the dogs are flown to North America. Once the dogs have their health books in order and export and import licenses issued, they can fly freely.

This initiative was originally developed by Cristy Baker, the Soi Dog Foundation’s international partner rescue manager, and a friend in the United States. At the time, Baker was hired to find adopters for more than 1,500 Thai dogs. Because taking a dog-for-dog approach was extremely time-consuming, Baker worked with U.S. rescue centers, each accommodating between five and ten dogs, and made them available for adoption locally.

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