Faster than my paws can take me


I sit next to the two-wheeled travel kennel and wait as patiently as possible. Patience is not easy for me.

Finally Mama Bear says the words I’m waiting for:

“Get on!”

I jump on my cockpit in the travel kennel. The travel kennel is still sleeping, but it will soon wake up.

Mama Bear says turn around, so I’ll turn, then sit down, so I’ll sit, then I’ll lie down.

Then Mama Bear puts the straps through my harness. I count one, two, three snapshots and I know I’m strapped! Then she puts the mask she calls “Flieger” on my face and now I see with my eyes and my fliers.

Mama Bear adjusts my big tail, which she calls “Python”, and it hangs free from the travel kennel. She puts her hard head on. She swings her leg over the travel kennel. She sits between the two wheels and puts her hands on the ends of the wide bar.

All of a sudden there is an explosion and the kennel is awake and growling because it wants to be let off the leash to run and sniff and see.

I hear a knock, the two wheels turn, Mama Bear’s feet come up and the travel kennel moves forward. We start at a trot and then run fast – much faster than my paws could pick me up.

We run and the kennel gasps and turns and I gasp and sniff. People look at me with their mouths open and I look at them with my tongue out. We go and go on and there are the sounds and the sunshine and the wind and all the many things out there that you can see and smell.

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