Fearless Yorkie Chases carry Baum up to teach him a lesson


When most people look for a guard dog, they are looking for a large breed known for their protection. Those adopting a toy breed likely aren’t expecting much more than unlimited cuddling. However, one family was surprised to find out their Yorkie was secretly a watchdog.

Bella, the little Yorkshire Terrier, is fearless. She doesn’t let anyone hurt their loved ones, no matter how strong they may look. The cute puppy recently went viral for shooing away a bear that was at least four times her size. She certainly doesn’t regret it and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Image: Screenshot, ViralHog YouTube

Big dog in a tiny body

In June 2021, a bear broke into a family’s garden in Hibbing, Minnesota. A camera overlooking the bird feeders caught the creature in the act. He seemed just a young bear, but Bella the Yorkie could see that he was a threat. Safety films showed the little puppy charging at full speed towards the bear.

As soon as the bear saw the wild guard dog approaching, it sped away and climbed the nearest tree. The Yorkie stayed at the base of the tree to make sure the bear didn’t get any ideas. Every time the Yorkie put her paws on the tree trunk, the bear climbed higher. It was like a human reaction when a spider comes running towards them.

“Our Yorkie Bella was let out for the first time that day and went nuts. I quickly discovered that she had chased a young bear up a tree. Outside of the camera I called and tried to get her out of the situation, ”said Bella’s human.

When Bella’s human finally got her attention, she ran off the screen for a minute. The bear used this moment to climb down from the tree and run away at full speed. When Bella saw the bear take off, she was back on his heels until he finally left her garden.

Yorkie hunts bears
Image: Screenshot, ViralHog YouTube

Just be yourself

Fortunately, both animals walked without injuries, but Bella was especially proud after that moment. She has proven that no dog has to fit exactly into its breed descriptions, but that it can be who it wants to be. Bella decided she wanted to be a watchdog and she proved she could be.

Bella’s family are aware that wildlife sometimes shows up in their yard, so they try to take extra precautions. Yet this bear seemed determined to find something to snack on until a protective Yorkie showed up.

“I set up this camera with a view of our bird feeders to occasionally capture wildlife, especially at night. I take the feeders with me for the night, but there are always some leftovers on the floor, ”said Bella’s family member.

Of course, bears can be dangerous animals. Not everyone will flee like this. So even if you have a brave puppy like Bella, make sure that you protect him from wildlife at all times.

Check out Bella’s watchdog skills here:

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Recommended image: screenshot, ViralHog YouTube

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