Find out how to train dogs at ClickerExpo 2014


If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a dog trainer, or are already a dog trainer for further education, don’t miss the world’s largest all-positive training conference: ClickerExpo 2014!

Held in January and March each year, ClickerExpo features state-of-the-art training seminars taught by top trainers from leading animal institutions and schools around the world, put together by training innovator and author Karen Pryor. Learn the all-positive training techniques used by top animal trainers to teach almost anything to any animal. At ClickerExpo, you can practice teaching your dog to fetch (not eat!) A hot dog and watch live faculty training.

In addition to courses that focus directly on obedience, agility, service, as well as behavior management and science, you will find a wealth of in-depth courses that apply to all disciplines. Teachers and participants listen, practice and learn from one another in up to three days of unprecedented interaction in over 60 sessions and learning labs.

ClickerExpo is coming to Virginia 28th March– –30, 2014 at the beautiful Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel. Can’t you make it to Virginia Look for a day-long live broadcast in select US cities. For more information or to register, visit

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