German shepherd makes himself at home in the toy basket of the store


They say you will always be home when around those you love, and dogs sometimes take that message literally. What could be antisocial behavior to a person is just plain irritating to a dog.

It doesn’t matter whether they jump up and make themselves comfortable on furniture just for the exhibition, pee in the aisles or steal things from the shelves, dogs sometimes feel too comfortable running errands with their people.

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Take, for example, a German Shepherd who has confidently transformed a shop display into a personal toy basket. Recently, Shannon Emery took 1 year old Mila to Menard’s, the place she’s been before.

At the end of this expedition, Mila knew she was going to get a toy out of the big trash can. Thankfully, Emery captured the moment his dog was on the trash can and the world is so grateful he did it.

Really feel at home

Mila was safely walking her father that day and decided the shop was hers to move around freely. Emery stated:

“She has been to this store a couple of times and can choose a toy each time she visits. The aisle with the toy basket is one of the last stops in the store, so she has been impatiently pulling the leash towards this part of the store throughout the visit. “

Mila, a larger dog, can usually look into the dog toy container to grab a toy she likes from above. That day the trash can was less than crowded and blocked her view of her options. So she decided to choose a different route at her price. Then she jumped straight into the trash can.

“When we finally got there this time, supplies were low so she couldn’t get to the toys very easily. She just jumped in without hesitation, but I didn’t record the first time she did. So we recreated the moment in front of the camera. “

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While the footage we get is technically a replica, it’s delightful to see Mila’s enthusiasm make her do what she wants … Even if that means being less than polite in public. It almost seems like the toy container was designed just for them as a makeshift ball pit.

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In the end, Mila left with a yellow squeaky ball after going through a container full of potential picks. And of course she eventually got out of the trash can. Nobody seemed to care about this social gaffe, but I think that’s just one of the many benefits of being a dog.

Check out the adorable video in full here.

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Featured image: @ ABC7 / YouTube

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