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The countdown to the holidays begins – celebrate the season (and surprise your friends!) By creating your own limited editions. With a choice of paper and images, as well as a few tools, you can create an instant book – or a dozen instant books, as these are single-sided and easy to duplicate thanks to copiers. This version with its advent calendar-like windows offers all sorts of surprises. Show pictures of your favorite dogs, dog park friends, or whatever you like – these little books can be personalized to your liking. Once you have your imagination run wild, you can’t say what to come up with. Illustrator Laura Carmelita Belmont and I designed the pattern you see here.

The basic folding pattern can be found in the November / December 2008 issue of Bark, pp. 64-65, or How to make books.

More projects and samples can be found in How to make books by Esther K. Smith. Copyright © 2007. Published by Potter Craft, a division of Random House, Inc.

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