Handsome shelter worker helps adopt puppies in record time


When adoption rates are falling, animal shelters have many tricks up their sleeves to help dogs find homes forever. Some attempts are insanely successful while others go unnoticed. Fortunately, a recent post from Wichita Falls Animal Services was without a doubt a hit. But not for the reason you would think.

The Post advertised an adoptable husky that sat next to one of the newer shelter workers. While the dog got a lot of interest, so did the man! In fact, more people have left this shelter just because they found the employee attractive.

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Dog lovers fall head over heels

The shelter was promoting a husky named Sky who was looking for a home. But instead of following a traditional posting technique, they included employee Zackry Majewski in the picture. Along with details about Sky, they also featured the handsome dog lover in the mail.

“Zackry Majewski started with us in October 2020. He has great compassion for the animals we look after. He especially loves huskies and always cuddles with a puppy at the shelter. In his spare time, Zac enjoys hiking and listening to country music. “The shelter wrote. “Of course, Zac chose our resident husky to be in the spotlight. Sky is a beautiful girl who is waiting for a home forever. “

Hot Shelter Staff and Husky
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It’s no surprise the husky isn’t what most people have focused on. Instead, they fell head over heels on the attractive animal advocate. The post exploded with comments asking people how they could adopt Majewski instead. Many joked that they didn’t even notice the dog in the picture. But don’t worry, the dreamy man hasn’t taken all of the limelight.

Who is Zackry Majewski?

Animal adoptions increased in the animal shelter. In fact, Sky received over 100 applications in just one hour! But no matter how many things the shelter posts, people keep asking how to adopt Majewski. The world wants to know more about this handsome stranger.

“I don’t even have Facebook. People called me into the office, like my boss, and she told me, “It was going to explode,” and then it only increased a little during the day, “Majewski said.

Handsome employee being interviewed
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Majewski also admits the photo was a little outside of his comfort zone. Despite popular belief, he’s not a model. He’s not the biggest fan of photos, but after the success of this post, he decided to do one for the team.

“A lot of people want me to do it, and I just don’t like doing it, but if it helps animals to be adopted, I’ll do it,” said Majewski. “Sky was adopted in an hour yesterday and we had over a hundred calls to her so it was pretty awesome.”

If you’re one of those dog lovers who have a crush on these handsome animal shelter workers, keep your eyes peeled. He could help more dogs get adopted in the future!

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Featured image: @ WFASC / Facebook

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