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Update 12/30/20: HOKA NAZ Elite’s Scott Smith – known to Bark readers as a professional runner who drove a crazy fast mile with his dog Murphy – has joined an elite running group. He is now one of the select few who have run a marathon under 2:10. Smith ran the marathon project earlier this month in 2 hours, 9 minutes and 46 seconds, which means he ran 4 minutes and 57 seconds per mile for 26.2 miles. Congratulations Scott – we know you made Murphy proud!

By spending time with your dog and doing activities that you love, you can improve your relationship with your best friend. Most people choose recreational activities, but for professional runner Scott Smith, his work life and fun life crossed recently when he competed in a race where people run their dogs.

Smith had never competed in a dog race before, but when the Santa Barbara Street Mile race took place earlier this summer he wasn’t in top form so he decided not to take part in the elite race. He was aware that the unofficial world championship dog mile was part of the event, and as the proud guardian of two dogs, he decided to give it a try.

Contrary to his competition, he decided to run with Murphy, the slower of his two dogs. His faster dog, Lizzy, doesn’t like being close to other dogs and reacts around them. So he wisely let her get out of the event. Murphy doesn’t run with Smith – like most people, he doesn’t take his dog to work regularly! – but that’s mainly because Murphy isn’t a big participant in the sport. Like any real dog, he likes to go for a walk. However, it is usually completely finished in 10 minutes and usually brakes or even lies down when Smith tries to drive it longer.

With Murphy’s minimal interest in running, Smith was ready for a low-key mile race with Murphy, thinking that maybe a 5:30 mile was a reasonable expectation, but it was really just a guess. As Smith pointed out, it was difficult to make an accurate prediction because, unlike his own races, Murphy had run out of practice runs. For comparison: Smith drove this mile race in a 3:56. If this doesn’t sound quick to you, either you are unfamiliar with running or you have a greyhound. In this case, it will be difficult to impress even the fastest human speed.

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