Healthy Dog Euthanized For Burial With Guardian


A Virginia woman asked that her dog be euthanized, cremated, and buried with her when she died. At the time of her death, her dog – a Shih-Tzu named Emma – was perfectly healthy and healthy, which created a conflict between moral and legal issues.

When a representative from the woman’s estate came to the shelter where Emma was being held, the staff tried to convince him not to put her to sleep. They tried to encourage him to transfer her rights and let someone else adopt her. However, he refused and decided to follow the instructions in the deceased woman’s will. Emma was taken to a local vet and euthanized.

It is not illegal to euthanize a healthy dog ​​in Virginia as it is considered property, but not all veterinarians would agree. However, it is against the law of that state to bury a non-human animal or animal remains in commercial cemeteries. There are exceptions for certain private and family-run cemeteries and this may have allowed this woman to rest with her dog at will.

Although no laws were broken when this woman’s wish to have her dog euthanized after her death was granted, many people were outraged. Many people, including myself, do not like to be allowed to kill a perfectly healthy animal just for funeral. If someone wants a dog’s remains with them after they die, it would be great if a system could be put in place so that the dog’s ashes can be added later at the job site when the pet dies on its own. Or I would encourage people to take a more symbolic approach and be buried with a lock of the dog or a cherished photo of the dog instead.

How do you see this situation?

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