Hidden traits and colors lurk in purebred dogs


Some purebred dogs have hidden coat colors – and in some cases other traits – that new research has shown lurk all the time.

The researchers examined a dozen different genes in 212 dog breeds. They analyzed data that industry partners at Wisdom Health had collected through the Wisdom Panel for the development of canine DNA tests.

“These are purebred dogs with traits their breed clubs shouldn’t have,” said Kari Ekenstedt, assistant professor of anatomy and genetics at Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, whose research program focuses on canine genetics. “The message of this paper is, ‘Hey, these gene variants exist in your breed, and when a few dogs are born with these traits, it is not caused by accidental breeding and it is not a mutt; It is a thoroughbred horse that shows this known genetic potential. ‘”


In addition to analyzing the data, the researchers used standard breed descriptions from major American and international dog breed registries to determine the coat colors and tail lengths that the registries accepted within each breed.

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