How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?


A tired dog is a good dog. Regardless of the dog’s size, every puppy needs a physical outlet to use up extra energy and maintain health and fitness. Regular exercise can improve your dog’s mental health and reduce unwanted behaviors from fear or boredom. It is important to note that every animal is an individual and you need to change your program. Adjustments should be made based on the dog’s age and injury, and should also take into account environmental conditions such as extreme weather.

How much exercise does a dog need?

To get a general guideline on how much exercise a dog needs, we can get an estimate by looking at the dog breeds or mixes of breeds and their original breed. However, remember to tailor your program to meet your dog’s needs.

Sheepdogs and Sports Dogs

Both herding and sporting dog breed groups have a very high training requirement and should train at least 60-90 minutes more intensively every day, twice a day is even better. These are working dogs and get bored easily. So let them train their brains! Spread out workouts with physical workouts to keep the routine fresh and interesting for you and your dog.


From the small cairn to the larger Airedale, terrier dogs are generally springy and charismatic pooches. Although they have significant exercise demands, these dogs are smaller than the herding and sporting members and can get a fair amount of daily exercise in the yard. However, you should exercise at least 60 minutes a day.

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