How We Found Our Dog: Brooklyn


My wife and daughter had gone to the shelter looking for a quiet little dog. It was there that they learned that soccer players at Sky Blue FC, a New Jersey-based professional women’s soccer team, were looking for a home for a stray they had cared for throughout the season. These weren’t just any players, though – they were stars: National Women’s Soccer League veterans Sarah Killion, Taylor Lytle, and Nikki Stanton; World Champion and Olympic Champion Kelley O’Hara; and the standout Australian national team striker Sam Kerr.

Brooklyn had tough times in the first two years – she’d probably been used as a bait dog if the scars on her head were any sign of it – but once the players picked her up, she was loved five times. Now that the season was over and the players dispersed, they had two weeks to get Brooklyn a permanent home or it was back at the shelter for them.

Brooklyn won over my wife and daughter straight away. After meeting her and the players my daughter called and said they found our dog. “It’s a pit bull,” she said. “You meet her tomorrow. You like them better. “

When we first met, Brooklyn jumped on my chest. At 80 pounds she was imposing, but pleasant and playful as long as you played what she wanted. Their quirks wouldn’t be difficult to deal with. Your performance on a leash would be, however. During a walk with Nikki and Taylor, Brooklyn jumped and constantly bit the leash. She pulled from side to side and became ballistic when she saw another dog.

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